Novosibirsk museum organizes historical walking tour across Novosibirsk

Through merchant districts

The museum organizes a quiet walking tour along a very prestigious district of the city. In old times only wealthy people could live there. Nothing has changed a lot today. During the tour you will discover the oldest houses of the city. It is the corner of the city which shows houses and buildings constructed before the revolution. You will have a chance to enjoy wooden architecture, stone detached houses and quiet small gardens.

100 years ago this district was considered as very prestigious, so a lot of merchants and wealthy people settled here. There were wonderful gardens, churches, schools, commercial apartment buildings and hotels. Photos taken at the beginning of the XX century, depicting well-known merchants and architects, will help feel the atmosphere of the old city.

Walking places:

A movie theater Mayakovksy (the favorite place of getting together of young people in 50-60th).
The house of Beilin on Kommunisticheskaia Street. Beilin was one of the leaders of Novonikolaevsk Jewish society. His house is decorated with the symbols of wooden architecture.
The house of Kagan (on Sovetskaya Street. It was one of the largest mansions of a corn chandler Kagan with its own сonservatory. Later it turned into a birthing home, where most of people of our city was born.
-The hotel Metropol on Revolution Street. This hotel was the most expensive in Novo-nikolaevsk. It was the first building in Novo-nikolaevsk where the first bathrooms appeared, and where the riot was arranged.
The Pokrov churchon Oktyabrskaya Street. It is the oldest wooden church in the city, and it was an educational centre before the revolution.
The house with a mezzanine on Tchaplygin Street. It is a typical house of a merchant from Novo-nikolaevsk in the style of modern.
– Novo-nikolaevsk female grammar school of Pavla Smirnova on Tchaplygin Street.

During the tour you will learn a lot of things about our city:

  • What the cross-out of the pine forest looked like, where the main street (Krasny Prospekt) began from.
  • Why the streets of Novo-Nikolaevsk were being repaired with dung.
  • Why the part of Kommunisticheskaya Street was called «Jewish district».
  • Which plot followed by a take-over started in the hotel Metropoliten.
  • Who the girls from the only female grammar school of Novo-Nikolaevsk dreamt of?
  • What the difference is between a commercial apartment building and a residential house?
  • How much a person had to earn to be able to send a kid to a grammar school?

Meeting place: the cinema Mayakovsky (on the left side)
Duration: 1hour 20 minutes
Tickets:  200 rbl for adults, 100 rbl for children, 150 rbl for students and retired people.

Pre-appointment call: +7 (383) 222-67-42, 89137350337 (on weekdays from 9am till 6 pm, at weekends from 10am till 1pm).

The Alhambra Garden

During this trip you will find out some interesting facts and details about the life of the city before the revolution. You will get some information about cosmonautics, an old mosque, primary school and public baths.

The guides will tell you about an outstanding engineer Yuri Kondratiuk, a theoretician and a visionary, who offered a key concept for landing and return spaceflight from Earth to the Moon many years before the Americans actually flew to the Moon. You will also learn a lot of interesting things about different jobs and professions, such as jobs of scientists, photographers, circus performers, priests and entrepreneurs. You will have a chance to see an old mosque and Andreevsky school. The guides will tell you about Fedorovsky baths and a tradition of going there, which had been passed down from father to son. There was a lake in Kodratiuk square, which was ironically called «the Mediterranean Sea».

Walking places:

– Novosibirsk City Museum, 24 Sovetskaya Street (here worked a brilliant theoretician of cosmonautics Yuri Kondratiuk).
– Photo lab of Ivan Motorin in Zhurinski Street (the only house in Zhurinski Street in the centre of the city).
– Yards with massive graffiti.
– The mosque in Kodratiuk square (the oldest mosque of Novo-Nikolaevsk).
– Kryachkov school (today a school of higher sportsmanship).
– The old circus on Dimitrova Avenue.
– The Alhambra Garden in Kodratiuk square (here sang Anastasia Vyaltseva and recited poetry Konstantin Balmont).
– Fedorovsky baths on Sovetskaya Street.

During the trip you will learn about many things:

  • Why the wife of Yuri Kondratiuk exchanged him for a general.
  • Why the astronaut Neil Armstrong took some soil from Novosibirsk.
  • Where the square of three belvederes is.
  • How the guard Fedorov from Novo-Nikolaevsk became a very rich person with the help of public baths, and what the future of the baths is.
  • How many baths besoms there were for each inhabitant of Novosibirsk?

The trip to Zakamenka or back to the USSR

The tour will involve some re-establishment of Soviet sculptures and lifestyles. You will go past Devil’s town and houses of prostitution. You will also have a chance to follow the way of Lenin, when he was being sent to the exile. It will be a complete not glamorous walking tour with hidden courtyards, slums and forgotten streets. The route passes through the old areas of the Oktyabrsky district (former Zakamensky), which was one of the parts of the city.

A long time ago the small river Kamenka flew through this area, and now it is hidden under Kamenskaya highway. Zakamensky district was considered as the most criminal in Novosibirsk. There were bawdy-houses and very spooky places, some buildings have been preserved until now. Residents of the prosperous center were afraid to come here. But we will try to bring into life the ordinary daily life of Soviet Zakamenka with its pioneer house, executive committee, May 1 meetings, the park, bullies, a strict teacher and athletic achievements through private photos and true stories told by the old residents.

Walking places:

– Metro station «Oktyabrskaya» (the place where the first pile of Novosibirsk subway was put). – The entrance to the Garden of freedom on Nizhegorodskaya Street (former Tatar settlement Devil`s town).
– Secret fountain with Dragon Gorynych
– Lime College in Sacco and Vanzetti Street (it reminds of the flagship).
– A barack (hut) of the 30s on Sacco and Vanzetti Street with sheds for coal storage.
– One of Kryachkov schools in Yakushev Street (the most modern Russian school of the time with showers and running water).
– Altai railroad.
– Commercial apartment building of Terentyev (classical commercial apartment building of Novo-Nikolaevsk, psychoneurologic dispensary).
– The former bawdy-house on Inskaya Street.
– Great pre-revolutionary mansion of the Samsonovs on Makovsky Street (now it is the regional branch of the Communist Party with a huge bust of Lenin).

Along the way you will learn:

  • Which streets of Novonikolayevsk Vladimir Lenin passed through.
  • Where the mystical Devil’s town was.
  • Why exactly here began the construction of the metro.
  • Where the bawdy-houses were.
  • Why Bolshevik Dementy Krotov ate his membership card.

Michaelovky Grove

It is going to be the most unordinary walking tour only for adults. You will wander along unknown streets and corners of the city centre through three arches, two public gardens and one Labor Palace with historical emphasis, stylistic incontinence and choral songs.

All the people, who are fed up with their boring and relaxed life, will have a great opportunity to entertain themselves and get excited singing songs, shouting and learning a lot of tiny details about the area.

This tour will tell you about different people of our city, about rich merchants and ordinary workers, about simple houses and precious palaces, about the theater and the carnival. You will definitely enjoy this contrast telling.

You will learn:

  • Which company initially occupied the building, where «Kalachi» is located now.
  • Where the Theatre Square is in Novosibirsk.
  • What the symbolic union of male and female looks like.
  • How lamps were the streets lit up with the help of alcohol.
  • Where the statue of Lenin points at.
  • Where exactly Michaelovsky Grove is.

Авторы экскурсии: Евгений Антропов (музей), Дарья Гаркуша, Музей истории архитектуры Сибири им. С.Н. Баландина (НГАХА).

Место сбора: у Музея города Новосибирска (Советская, 24)
Продолжительность экскурсии: 1 час 20 минут
Стоимость билета: 200 руб. – взрослые, 100 руб. – дети, 150 руб. – студенты и пенсионеры.

Предварительная запись по телефонам: +7 (383) 222-67-42, 89137350337 (в рабочие дни с 9 до 18, в выходные с 10 до 13)

The hot spring of 1918. Following the Civil revolution

The unusual tour is devoted to the mysterious spring of 1918. The revolutionary architecture will help you get an idea of horrible events of the Civil revolution.

Состоится 22 июня в 18-30

During this unusual tour you will learn a lot about bourgeois traditions, people, who organized the revolution, true reasons of meetings and the “red terror”. To make it funnier, the guide will ask you to call out revolutionary and counterrevolutionary slogans, not being afraid to be arrested. The participants will also read leaflets of “whites” and “reds” so people finally can create their own idea of the Civil revolution.

The walking places::

The House of Commercial Meeting (later the House of Revolution),The primary and grammar school, City hall, A monument to the great composer, A monument to the «eternal» leader and victims of the civil war.

During the tour people will get answer to many questions:

  • How Bolshevik took over the government and lost it.
  • How counterrevolutionary revolt started and who was the leader.
  • Where the gold of Russia was kept.
  • What Kolchak was doing in our city.
  • Who was buried in under the “spotlight of revolution”.
  • How the victims of the horrible war became its heroes.

Through the old square

Viewers will see the surviving «islands» of old Novo-Nikolaevsk with elegant merchants’ mansions and the oldest square of the city — Sverdlov’s square with monumental buildings of the Soviet era.

Stories about the New Nikolaev merchant oligarchs Surikov, Molchanov Mashtakova Zeydane and stories about the old square buildings and famous architects as Kryachkov who created the majority of them, show that city, Novosibirsk what was a few decades ago.

Meeting point: left side of the Mayakovsky cinema.

The cost is: +7 (383) 222-67-42, 89137350337 (or in this nmber during дни с 9 до 18, в выходные с 10 до 13)

The tour in Academgorodok «Walking tour along the boulevard»

Akademgorodok can be described as a place with many strict lined avenues and streets bordering on the forests, fresh air, buildings of universities with areas of greenery and colorful neighborhoods. When walking through the cultural centre of Akademgorodok, you will experience the most phenomenal spirit of an atypical city, which used to surprise both foreigners and Soviet people.

Along the way we will see the most popular sights of Akademgorodok: Central Marine Avenue, Shopping Mall, The House of Culture «Academy», the hotel «Golden Valley», NSU and many others. There will also be some new interesting objects: original art benches, the sculptural composition «Through the night city» and others.

You will hear stories about the beginning and development of Akademgorodok, its landscapes and architecture, people, traditions, modern scientific discoveries and projects. Historical walk through the former Boulevard and its surroundings will allow you to immerse yourself into a real, live atmosphere of Akademgorodok, to evaluate its unique charm and feel proud of the great founders and leaders of modern scientific capital of Siberia.

Walking places

- the House of Scientists

-»akademovskaya esplanade» on Ilyich Street

- A new clubhouse «Integral», on Tereshkova Street.

An avant-garde and mystical walk with chastushkas (ditties) "Batman in Siberian Chicago"

The visitors will experience the atmosphere of the second half of 1920 and the first half of 1930, when Novosibirsk became the administrative center of Siberia and experienced migration and construction boom.

The architecture tried to become the symbol of new times and life with communalization of every aspect of life. It is when people were likely to do many simple things together, such as having dinners, bringing up children and spending leisure time together. The guides will tell you about the architecture of the constructivism in the capital of Siberia as the part of the world heritage. There are ten buildings in Novosibirsk included in the list of the best avant-garde buildings of the world. Three of them will be shown to the visitors during the tour. They will also be given the opportunity to compare the symbols of socialistic and bourgeois Novosibirsk and wander in residential quarters of secret police.

There is a blue skyscraper in the city centre, which is known as “Batman” among the people. This house is the biggest block of apartment in the city. It is a subject of many jokes and disapproval of many architects.

Meeting place: by the Regional Library for Young People (26 Krasny Prospect or 50 Oktyabrskaya Street).

“The beginning of the city”

During this walking tour visitors will learn about the origins of our city and the first urban sites. The guide will tell about the village Krivoshchekovo, the railway bridge and the monument devoted to the bridge. The tour will take place near the estuary of the river Kamenka, where the first bridge builders settled down. The spectators will be exactly 3333 km far from Moscow. They will have a chance to gossip about a Novonikolayevsky loader, a Red guard and the first secretary of the city committee of the CPSU (b). They will also walk past the first power plant, the first secondary school, the first cathedral of Novonikolaevsk and learn about the oldest version of the legend of the terrible Devil’s stone.

The route of the tour:

  • Park “The beginning of the city”
  • “The House of Loaders”
  • The bridge on Spartak Street
  • Non-classical secondary school
  • The cathedral of Alexander Nevsky.

A bike ride through Akademgorodok

The participants will get acquainted with scientific, cultural and residential zones of Akademgorodok. Bike riders will see the first housing complex with pointed roofs in Soviet Union, constructed for the scientists of Akademgorodok.

The tour includes a visit to the small hut of the founder of Akademgorodok, the academician Lavrentiev, where he lived with his wife in the autumn of 1958, when Akademgorodok was just being constructed.

They will also pass the Golden Valley, a place where the first scientists lived in barracks (slums) and see the remnants of experimental facilities, which the researchers used to conduct hydrodynamic experiments.

In addition, tourists will get acquainted with modern attractions of Akademgorodok — art benches, a monument to the laboratory mouse and the famous pond with ducks, where you can feed the duck family.

Tour route:

  • The House of Culture Academy (left front, starting from the bike rental) Illich Street
  • NSU
  • Koptyuga Avenue
  • Monument to the laboratory mouse
  • Lavrentiev Avenue
  • Club «Integral»
  • Monument Lavrentiev
  • Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Cottage Street (Academic, Provincial, Zolotodolinskaya Trofimuk, Maltseva)
  • Duck pond
  • Lavrenteva House
  • two-meter» Red Chair «
  • Marine Avenue
  • The House of Scientists

The House of Culture “Academy” (bike rental)

Meeting place: The House of Culture “Academy”, 4 Ilich street (left front, starting from the bike rental)

Tour in the towers and the underground station "Novosibirsk-Main"

Guests will get an insight into difficulties that the first passengers of the railway station came across. After the building had been constructed, it turned out to have very narrow doors for such big crowds of passengers. So the doors had to be expanded. In the first months of its existence there was no running clean water, a lot of garbage and rubbish was everywhere in the building. In those days the station was called «Lvok», which meant «human station ‘, in order to keep it secret. Tourists will visit the tower of the station, where a hotel is situated, overlooking the panorama of infinite railroad ways and their turning to the east. Guests will visit almost all the halls of the station, the conservatory with a tropical climate. Underground walkways, the overhead tunnel and transit corridors will be shown to the guests, so they will get an idea, how all passengers are being distributed on routes, where the goods are being transported and unloaded, and why our railway station was «a narrow place of Transsib», and how the problem was solved.

Green tour with a visit to the Botanical Garden of the SB RAS (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences)

A four-hour trip on a comfortable bus includes a visit to greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of the SB RAS. The guide will tell the guests about old Barnaul tract, the military routine of Bolshevitskaya Street and the life of old settlements along the modern Berdsky highway. It will be interesting to hear about the excursions being conducted at the beginning of the last century. The guests will learn what the sights of the city suburbs were in those days, why the guests took hammers, when they went on tour with a guide.

Approaching to Botanical Garden, guests will see a panorama of the Ob Sea and learn the tragedy of old Berdsk, Siberian Atlantis, hidden under water. The Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the centre of ecological and botanical studies throughout Siberia. For many decades the garden has been collecting rare Siberian plants. The huge garden area and a spacious conservatory make it a unique object. In greenhouses over 3000 species of tropical and subtropical plants are being grown, including the collection of rare and endangered species. The guests will see spicy, aromatic and medicinal plants both decorative and for food. There are also a lot of bright and colorful compositions of plants. All the plants are available to buy.

Visitors can see a unique citrus tree developed in the botanical garden with fruits of lemons, tangerines and oranges simultaneously, the result of scientific experiments of the Botanical Garden staff. Visitors will see monstera, a giant plant with a quirky shape (from the Latin monstrum — «Monster»). At the beginning of the XVIII century, there were legends about giant killer plants in Europe, which were found in South American jungles. Travelers told that the attack of those plants left only skeletons from humans and animals. It was not true at all. In addition, guests will have a chance to see the agave cactus, which is interesting because it lives for a long time, and as soon as it blooms, it dies. The greenhouse has an iron tree which has such heavy logs and branches that sinks in water easily. Due to its unusual features, this tree may replace some metals and in addition, it has certain advantages over metallic materials because iron tree doesn`t rust or rot.

Papyrus is another rare species of greenhouse belonging to the sedge family, a close relative of reeds. It grows mainly in tropical Africa, on the shores of lakes and rivers. In ancient times its stems had been used to make not only writing material but also cloth, shoes, rafts and canoes.

After this tour visitors will have a walking tour in Akademgorodok. They will find out the reasons of construction of the Research Center exactly here, and they will learn about the founding fathers of Akademgorodok, M.A. Lavrent’ev, S.L. Sobolev, V.A. Koptyuga and young enthusiastic scientists who left the capital for Siberia. Some traditions, unknown key details and scientific discoveries will be revealed for the guests. They will see significant places of Akademgorodok — the new building of NSU, a monument to the laboratory mouse, Technopark, research institutions and residential areas of the garden city. On the way back to Novosibirsk, they will explore peripheral interesting places of our city. The tour will include the highest point, Kluch — Kamyshenskoe plateau, where the guests can take pictures with stunning panoramas, get acquainted with the Center for Astrophysics (Planetarium), see industrial landscapes of TPP-5 (thermal power plant) with powerful cooling towers.

Walking places:

  • Novosibirsk City Museum
  • Bolshevitskaya Street
  • Berdsky Highway
  • Botanical Garden
  • Akademgorodok
  • Kluch — Kamyshenskoe plateau
  • TPP-5
  • Wybornaya Street
  • Inyushensky Pinewood
  • Kirov Street
  • Novosibirsk City Museum

A tour in the State Public Scientific and Technical Library with its surroundings and book store

The tour includes a visit to the Library and descending to the book stacks, a walking along the square named after Pimenov and an interesting tea party at the museum of Otyabrsky district.

We invite you to visit the invisible places of the largest Library beyond the Urals, and descend to four-storeyed book stacks. You will also see Voskhod (sunrise) street and old quarters of Oktyabrsky district.

The guide will tell the guests about the «golden» plant that supplied rare metals for space industry. There is also a miniature copy of the Alexander Column in the alley built in memory of evacuated citizens of Leningrad and radio component plant, which produced the first in the Soviet Union electric guitar with built-in transducer. The guests will feel very comfortable with tea and biscuits at the museum of Oktyabrsky district and learn many details about the life of the part of the city called Zakamenka.

By the way the guests will learn about the following things:

  • How many floors there are in the library actually.
  • How Pimenov square looked like 100 years ago.
  • How gold refinery managed to «survive» in the tough refinery 1990s.
  • Why electric guitar «Electronics» made in Novosibirsk didn`t become popular.
  • Which store was located at the Museum of the Oktyabrsky district in the Soviet era.

Walking places:

- State Public Scientific and Technical Library (the third largest library in Russia according to the amount of books).

- Fountain named River civilizations (the largest in Novosibirsk).

- Sculpture «the first Date».

- Novosibirsk refinery, that melted most of the gold in the Soviet Union.

- The alley in the memory of survivors of siege in Leningrad. 100 thousand of them found their second home in Novosibirsk during World War II.

- Residential house «Stalinist» for employees of radio components plant built in the last year of life of «leader of the peoples».

- Oktyabrsky District Museum with a small, but cozy and welcoming showroom full of funny vintage knick-knacks.

To buy tickets to the tour, please, don’t hesitate to call (383) 222-67-42 or 89137350337 (Monday-Friday 9 am – 6pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am – 13 pm) or write an e-mail:

Расписание пешеходных исторических экскурсий по Новосибирску:

«По старой площади»
Экскурсия по библиотеке ГПНТБ
«Бэтмен в сибирском Чикаго»
«По купеческим кварталам»
«Михайловская роща – Дядя, будь проще!»
  Экскурсия по башням и подземельям вокзала «Новосибирск-Главный»
«Велоэкскурсия по Академгородку»
Зеленая экскурсия с посещением Ботанического сада СО РАН
«Сад «Альгамбра»
«Горячий май 1918 г. По следам гражданской войны.»
«Путешествие в Закаменку или Возвращение в СССР»
«Начала Новониколаевска»

Музей города Новосибирска также проводит зимние пешеходные экскурсии по Новосибирску. Запись строго ограничена!

Экскурсии проходят по историческим местам Новониколаевска-Новосибирска. Вы увидите памятники истории и архитектуры, узнаете легенды и занимательные истории от старожилов города, ощутите атмосферу времени начала мегаполиса по имени Новосибирск.

Пешие экскурсии проводятся в теплое время года с 1 апреля по 30 октября.

Экскурсии по Новосибирску - наилучший способ узнать город с разных сторон: некоторые подробности о городе неизвестны даже коренным жителям. Музей может организовать индивидуальную экскурсию по городу.

Билеты на любую экскурсию можно приобрести заранее в Музее города Новосибирска (Советская, 24, метро «Площадь Ленина»).

Кроме того, Музей города может провести для вас индивидуальную пешеходную экскурсию, стоимость которой от 2000 рублей (10-20 чел).

Запись желающих на экскурсию по телефонам:  222-67-42, 89137350337 (в рабочие дни с 9 до 18, в выходные с 10 до 13)

Вы можете оставить онлайн-заявку на участие в любой экскурсии

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