Novosibirsk City Museum organizes excursions not only within its building but also in the city. We are happy to offer you walking, bus, car and trolleybus tours around the city. The tour route can be arranged with the management of the museum beforehand and can be changed if you wish. There is a wide variety of tours for different age groups, who want to find out more about our city.
Tours are organized along historic places of Novonikolaevsk-Novosibirsk. You will see historical monuments and beautiful architecture. You will have a chance to learn about the legends and tales from old citizens and feel the atmosphere of the beginning of the city.
Tours around the city are the best ways to learn about Novosibirsk and experience it.
You can buy tickets at Novosibirsk City Museum (24 Sovetskaya Street, Metro Station “Lenin square”).
Tel.: 222-67-42 or 89137350337
Monday-Friday 9 am – 6pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am – 13 pm